When you hear the word spirituality, what comes to your mind? Do you think of ghosts? Do you think of people who are crazy and spend a lot of time doing chants and burning candles? Understanding spirituality may be a bit confusing, but at its core, it is simply your relationship to the world beyond your five senses. Spirituality is about how you experience life beyond seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, and smelling.

In order to experience the world beyond your five senses you must first believe that there is some greater spiritual being. Some people call that being, the Creator or a Higher Power, but most people call it God. God has created you in His likeness and in His image. You were created, not simply made. Being created means that God took time to make sure that all you needed to be your best was in place. He did not just throw some junk together and say, “Bam, there you go.” He did the exact opposite. He took time. He formed, knitted, shaped and molded you, not to be like anyone else, but to be like YOU and to be an image of Him on earth. That is why you have a spirit and your spirit is always seeking to be connected with the One that created it, God. Spirituality is the journey that allows your spirit to make and maintain a connection with God.

Spirituality is not a religion, but can be found in the structure of religion. Often times, seeking to understand yourself and God in the structure of a church, synagogue, temple, or mosque can be helpful. Learning about God and spirituality can be done best in a community of people. We learn and grow through our relationships and experiences with other people on their spiritual journey. There are many places of faith in Griffin where you can start or continue your spiritual journey. Be wise in seeking those places. You may want to start out by going to a religious service with a friend or family member you trust. Below are five simple tips on how to move forward in your spiritual journey.

Talk to people you respect (back to top)

Seeking out people that you trust to support you and your spiritual journey is important. Look for someone that is open and honest and is willing share with you their experiences. Perhaps you may want to go with that person to their place of faith to learn more.

Ask questions (back to top)

As you learn more about yourself and God, many questions will arise. Ask them and keep asking until you are able to understand. Ask people you trust. There will be times when the only answers to some of your questions come from God. At those times, prayer is most important.

Pray (back to top)

Prayer is simply talking to God as if He were a friend sitting next to you. It does not require huge words or tons of time. Ask God questions and then listen. You may not physically hear an answer. The answer might “pop” into your head. Or after praying, someone might tell you something and what they say could be the answer. Or you may be reading a book and the answer is in the book. God speaks in many ways. Your spirit will let you know what is true. Listen. If you are still unsure, talk with someone you trust about it for guidance.

Keep a journal (back to top)

Writing or typing in a journal can be helpful. It shows the progress you have made in your spiritual journey. You can see how far you have come and can see areas where you may want to improve. The journal is just a reflection of your thoughts about your life. Nothing is off limits. You can write your prayers in the journal and make note when your prayer is answered. You can write about the crappy day you had at school and how you felt. You can write about how proud you are for improving your grades or for not snapping at your little brother. Some people have trouble writing in journals. Start slow. Write a few lines each day. As you get more comfortable, you may start writing more. Some days, you might write more than others. Some days, you may write nothing at all. There is no set way to do it or no set amount of time or pages you should write. You decide. Just write and when you are done, put down the pen. Simple as that.

Share (back to top)

Our spiritual journey is both private and public. Your prayer time and journals may be private, but you learn and grow through your relationship with others, which is public. So just as you learn from others, others can learn from you. Share your experiences with your family and your peers. You may be the answer to their prayers and not even know it. Sharing helps you become more confident about your experience and it helps others not feel like they are all alone on their journey. It is a win-win for all.