Violence is an epidemic affecting children and adults in all communities, regardless of economic status, race, religion, nationality, or educational background. The impact can cause feelings of helplessness and worthlessness, depression, fear, aggression, serious disruptions at home and school, severe injury and even death.

Domestic Violence is defined as a pattern of physically, psychological, sexually, and//or emotionally abusive behaviors used by one individual to assert power or maintain control. Domestic Violence can include both criminal and non-criminal acts. Typically, abusers have low self-esteem and blame others for their actions. They have a difficult time expressing themselves and are emotionally dependent on their partners.

If you are in a relationship and your partner (back to top)

• Wants you to change basic things about yourself

• Takes charge of you and your social situations

• Does not approve of your friends

• Makes you frightened by their temper

• Makes threats and/or is verbally or physically abuse towards you

• Insists on sex and intimacy even when you don’t want to

• Claims it is your fault when they verbally/physically abusive you

• Always says “I’ll never do that again”

• Seek help immediately!

In a healthy relationship, you are entitled to having your own opinions. (back to top)

• Go where you choose and not be followed or questioned by
  your partner

• Be able to spend time with family and friends

• Be treated with respect

• Be able to change your mind and fall out of love or break up without
  feeling threatened or harassed

• Be free from any responsibility for your partner’s behavior and live
  without fear.

If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship (back to top)

• Recognize the signs

• Ask questions that do not judge or blame

• Do not force them to get help or take advice, but do offer to go
  with them to seek help

• Call the police if you witness an assault!

For more information on Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault, contact the Victim Service Unit, Spalding County Sheriff’s Department, at 770-467-1012 or Promise Place, the local Domestic Violence Shelter, at 770-460-1604.