The Driver’s Manual (back to top)

If you are 15 years or older and want to drive, you must show proof you have lived in Georgia more than 30 days and have a valid Georgia learner’s permit or driver’s license. You will also need proof of your home address. The Georgia Driver’s Manual is a useful source of information for getting a learner’s permit or license. You can pick up this manual at the Griffin Post of the Georgia State Patrol Office at 1313 Arthur K. Bolton Parkway, 770-229-3410.

The Learner’s License (back to top)

A learner’s license may be issued at age 15 and is valid for two years. You must pass a vision and written test to receive a learner’s license. A valid learner’s license must be held for one year and one day from its issuance before obtaining a driver’s license. It must be surrendered at the time of testing. If you are under 18 and have only a learner’s license, a licensed driver (at least 21 years of age with a valid license in hand) must ride beside you at all times.

The Driverís License (back to top)

You must be at least 16 years old to obtain a driverís license. Effective January 1, 2007, sixteen year olds must be in compliance with Joshuaís Law, which requires a Georgia approved Driverís Education before license issuance. At age 17, Driverís Education is not required. For classes completed before July 1, 2007, a completion certificate for the driverís education course must be presented at the time of the road test. Applicant will be required to pass both an eye and a driving test before obtaining a driverís license.

Before taking the road test, you must check with your school to get a copy of your Certificate of Attendance signed and notarized from your school. It is only valid for 30 days. Applicants under the age of 18 not enrolled in school must provide a GED diploma, high school diploma, or an attendance form from your local Board of Education if you are enrolled in an approved home school program. You must also have the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) Card and know your social security number.

Appointments for on-the-road tests are highly recommended and may be scheduled up to 90 days in advance. Walk in road tests cannot be guaranteed and may involve lengthy wait time. Have the driverís permit number available when calling. Reservation numbers are: (678) 413-8400 select option 4 or Toll-free (866) 754-3687 if dialing from an area code outside the metro-Atlanta area but within Georgia.

At the time of the road test examination, a parent or legal guardian must sign an affidavit that the applicant has completed at least 40 hours of on-the-road driving experience, including at least 6 hours of night driving, with a parent or guardian. The 40 hour requirement is in addition to driving completed with an instructor during an approved driver education class. If driverís education was completed with an approved school/instructor, the 40 hour affidavit must be signed by the parent/guardian in addition to any driving completed with the driving instructor. The DDS examiner will provide the affidavit for parent/guardian signature at the time of the teenís road test.

If driverís education was competed with an approved internet/online class, the parent/guardian must also complete the Parent Teen Driving Guide. The last page of this guide is the 40 hour driving affidavit. It may be signed and notarized prior to the teenís road test, or the parent/guardian may wait to sign in the presence of the DDS examiner, who will notarize the form.

A parent or legal guardian must also sign your driverís license application with you. If your application will be signed by your legal guardian rather than your parent, your legal guardian must bring with him/her a certified copy (with an embossed seal from the court) of the court order granting guardianship.

The vehicle to be used for the road test must be properly insured; the insurance card and registration must be presented. The license plate (tag) must be valid (not expired). The vehicle must pass a safety inspection. A rental car may be used only if the person testing is listed as an authorized driver on the rental agreement. A Georgia official dealer tag (silver strip containing date) may be used for the road test within thirty days of purchase date, and original bill of sale papers must be presented.

The Driverís License fee is $10.00 cash, money order, check, or credit/debit card.

Lost License (back to top)

If you need a new license you must go to a local Georgia Department of Driver Services with proper identification to get a replacement. A fee is required.

Driving and Emotions (back to top)

If you are extremely upset, angry, frightened, or grieving, DO NOT get behind the wheel of a car. You need some time to “cool off” before you drive. Driving when you are emotionally upset can be a dangerous and expensive way to express your emotions.

Seat Belts (back to top)

Georgia law requires that “each occupant of a vehicle traveling on Georgia roads and highways must be secured by a safety belt”. This includes both front and rear seats.

Auto Accidents are the Leading
Cause of Teenage Deaths.
Fasten Your Seat Belt Each and Every Time
and Get Others to do the Same!

If a Police Officer Stops You (back to top)

• Be ready to show your driver’s license and proof of insurance.
  Always have these items while driving.

• Do not argue. It is very important to cooperate with the officer.
  Remain calm and be prepared.

If You Have an Automobile Accident (back to top)

• Do not panic

• Remain as calm as you can

• Stop at once in a safe place

• Send for help if anyone is hurt

• Call for police (or have someone else call)

• Exchange the following information with the other drivers involved;
       Name, address, phone numbers
       Driver’s License number
       License Plate numbers, year and model of the car
       Name of insurance company

If you damage an empty vehicle, locate the owner or leave the following information where the owner of the damaged car will find it: your name, address, and phone number. You should call the police to fill out an accident report in order to document the extent of the damages.

Never leave the scene of an accident that you are involved in.
Never try to escape from or give a false name to a police officer.

Drag Racing and Reckless Driving (back to top)

Drag racing is unlawful in Georgia. Penalties for drag racing and reckless driving may include a fine and/or imprisonment and will result in a license suspension.

Fake ID and Driver’s License (back to top)

You can go to jail if you change or alter a driver’s license or ID. Also, it is unlawful to use a driver’s license or ID belonging to someone else.