Sexual Feelings (back to top)

Sexual feelings are natural and normal. Learning to handle our sexuality in a responsible way is part of growing up. Decide for yourself what your limits are before the situation arises. Don’t let someone force you to do things you don’t want to do. A couple should talk honestly about their feelings and what is right for each of them. If you don’t agree, find someone else who thinks like you do.

How to Say No to Sex (back to top)

What do you do if someone you care about wants to have sex and you do not know how to say NO without breaking up the relationship? It is hard to say NO to someone you really like, but if someone really cares for you, they will listen to you. Here are four steps to help you say NO:

• Say “NO.” You do not have to give a reason.

• If your partner persists, keep saying “NO.”

• If that does not work, say “It really bothers me that you are pressuring

• Once you have made yourself clear, refuse to talk about it anymore.
  (You may have to end the relationship.). PRACTICE saying “NO”
  before the situation arises.

It is harder to say NO if you are using alcohol, marijuana or other drugs because the drugs affect the way you think, feel, and act. Remember, it is your body! There are risks to sexual activity, like becoming pregnant, emotional or social problems, contracting AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). When you have sex with someone, it is like having sex with everybody that person has been with.

Consider the Risks (back to top)

Before you make a decision, get the facts and sort out your feelings. Think before you act because if you have sex, even once, it can result in a pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease (STD), emotional and social problems. That would put your future on hold. Even the best birth control does not always work. Are you ready to accept the responsibility of an unplanned child? Are you willing to risk contracting a STD? Are you prepared to handle social isolation? Are you emotionally prepared to accept any or all of the risks?

Unplanned Pregnancy (back to top)

Males and females alike have responsibilities in sexual relationships. These include responsible decision making, respecting the limits set by a partner, and properly using protection with all sexual partners. It is uncomfortable to think about, but more uncomfortable to become a parent before you are ready. As a parent you are responsible to support and care for your child.

Are you prepared to handle the emotional and financial strain of an unplanned pregnancy? Before you have sex, consider all the risks! The only sure way to avoid pregnancy, AIDS, STDs, emotional and social problems is by not having sex. Talk to someone who is responsible and mature.

Sexual feeling can be confusing. If you need help concerning your sexuality, talk to someone you like and trust. Usually, parents care the most about you. But, if you are having a hard time talking with your parents, there are some other people who can help you. You can talk with your counselor, a teacher, minister, doctor, or adult family friend. All of the agencies listed below have someone available to help you sort out your feelings:

Caring House

Girls & Boys Town National Hotline
Girls & Boys Town National Hotline's Website

National Youth Crisis Hotline


Prevent Child Abuse Georgia
Prevent Child Abuse Georgia's Website

Think You Are Pregnant? (back to top)

If you think you may be pregnant, you may wonder where to turn at this difficult time. Your parents can be helpful and may be able to offer good advice and support. Or, you may have another responsible and caring adult to whom you may turn. There are agencies that can help and give guidance. They have trained people who understand your feelings and needs. Don’t put off finding help!! It is important to get a pregnancy test as soon as possible, to talk about your situation with someone you trust, and to get medical attention right away!!!

You can get a pregnancy test at the places listed below. Services are confidential.

Caring House

If you have a positive pregnancy test, you must get early medical care. Seeing a doctor early in pregnancy, following a healthy diet, being physically active, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs will help assure a safe and healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. Many agencies provide counseling, medical care, and/or linkage to resources. They can help you access affordable health care. The places listed below have someone who can talk with you:

Caring House

Right from the Start Medicaid @ Spalding County Health Department

Pregnancy Counseling (back to top)

The following agencies offer counseling and will help you get medical care. If you need a place to live, many will place you with a family who can share their home with you. Adoption services are also available.

Adoption Advantage, Inc.
Adoption Advantage's Website

All About Georgia Adoption
All About Georgia Adoption's Website

An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc.

Bethany Christian Service
6654 Peachtree Dunwoody, NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

Birthright International

Caring House
127 North 13th Street
Griffin, GA 30223

Catholic Charities of Atlanta
680 West Peachtree Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30359

Melba’s Manor
A residential maternity home located in Milner, GA
Melba's Manor Website
Open Door Adoption's Website

Are You Hiding Your Baby? (back to top)

Don’t panic – you are not alone. There is a Safe Place for Newborns. You may leave your unharmed baby, up to 7 days old, with an employee at any licensed medical facility in Georgia without fear of legal prosecution of abandonment. The mother must give the medical facility proof of her identity and address, if available. Your baby will be given needed medical attention and placed in foster care for adoption. Newborn Lifeline Network 1-877-440-2229.

Teen Parenting (back to top)

Being a parent is one of life’s longest, toughest, and most important jobs. While giving love to your baby is important, your child’s physical, mental, and emotional needs for proper growth and development are equally important. Many places offer practice sessions in infant care and safety or important parenting and childcare information. Call the following agencies for more information on parenting:

Spalding County Department of Family & Children Services

Youth in Action

Prevent Child Abuse
Prevent Child Abuse's Website

First Steps

Newborn Lifeline Network
Newborn Lifeline Network's Website

As a young parent, you may find it difficult staying at home with a new baby while your friends are in school or out having fun. There are people who can help you arrange daycare for your child and continuing education or job training for you. Call for more information.

Spalding County Department of Family & Children Services

Compassionate Services

One Stop Career Center
One Stop Career Center's Website

Southern Crescent Technical College
Southern Crescent Technical College's Website

Griffin High School
Griffin High School's Website

Spalding High School
Spalding High School's Website

Your family may be eligible for assistance with food, such as baby formula, milk, and cheese for young families like yours. Nutrition education is provided for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or just had a baby, plus infants and children under age 5. Evening clinic hours are available for working women. Call for more information.

Spalding County WIC
Spalding County WIC's Website

Salvation Army
Salvation Army's Website

Spalding County Department of Family & Children Services

Five Loaves Two Fish Food Pantry
Five Loaves Two Fish Food Pantry's Website