Studies consistently show that those who enjoy recreational activities and community parks are mentally and physically healthier people!

Q. Why are chronic diseases on the rise in our nation?
A. Because many choose activities that require little movement of the body and we choose fast, convenient and highly processed foods!

Many chronic diseases can be avoided simply by choosing to be physically active on a regular basis and by making healthier choices.

Q. Do young people need to think about chronic disease?

A. Yes! the habits you choose in your younger years often will remain with you as you get older! Healthier habits reduce your risk for chronic disease.

Even Busy People Can Make Healthy Choices Like These! (back to top)

• Ride a bike

• Take a walk…with the dog

• Enjoy a nature trail

• Take a dance class

• Take part in a local drama or music production

• Participate in a school or community drama

• Watch less television

• Put on some music and dance

• Run or jog

• Pick a school or locally organized sport

• Learn karate or a martial art

• Skate board at the Grind Skate Park

• Help with the yard work or house work

• Be physically active at least 30 minutes every day

• Eat a variety of whole foods like fresh veggies and fruits, whole
  grains and low fat milk products

• Walk to a friends house instead of just “texting” them

• Drink less sodas…more water

• Be smoke and drug free

• Be positive – be a friend and make a friend

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