If you are under 17, you can get a work permit from your school office. Friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, counselors, and past employers are your best resources when finding a job. Here are some tips that might help you find a job.

Papers You Need (back to top)

• Social Security Card

• An Offer of Employment/Work Permit (after you get a job)

• References

• A Driver’s License (for some jobs)

How to Get These Papers (back to top)

• For a Social Security Card call 1800-234-5772.

• You will need a certified copy of your Birth Certificate, which is
  available at the County Health Department where you were born.
  Otherwise you will need to contact Vital Statistics in Atlanta or in
  the state of your birth.

• Work permit from your school office.

• References: Find three people who know your abilities. Ask if you
  may name them as references. Write down their job titles, addresses
  and phone numbers. References can come from former employers,
  teachers, counselors, and other adults not related to you.

How to Apply for a Job (back to top)

You may want to call employers first to see if they are hiring; don’t be shy. When you are looking for a job, be sure to dress neat and clean. Dress as though you were hired and ready to go to work. Ask for an application and/or an interview and end with a thank you response.

How to Act at the Interview (back to top)

• BE ON TIME! Better yet, be five minutes early.

• Look interested and alert.

• Don’t slouch in the chair.

• Look at the employer, not at the floor.

• Talk clearly without slang.

• Don’t smoke or chew gum.

When You Get the Job (back to top)

• Come to work on time.

• Work until quitting time.

• Avoid absences.

• Be cheerful.

• Try to do your best; work hard.

• Ask questions when you don’t understand..

Job Resources for Youth (back to top)

• School Guidance Counselor

• Goodwill of North Georgia
  (job training for disabled/disadvantaged) 770-354-0943.
  Goodwill of North Georgia's Website

• West Central Georgia Workforce Development
  (work programs for youth) 770-228-7226.
  West Central Georgia Workforce Development's Website