Attendance Requirements

Under the laws of Georgia, school attendance is compulsory for all children from age six (6) to age sixteen (16). Schools must provide 180 days instructional activity per year in accordance with Georgia law and Georgia Board of Education Policy.

Middle and high school students shall have no more than seven (7) absences per semester. Middle and high school students who are absent more than seven (7) days per semester will receive credit if the student adheres to the makeup work provisions described in Policy JBD. In the event a reasonable suspicion exists that prolonged absences are not due to illness, medical documentation may be requested before it can be determined whether or not to excuse the absence. Submission of appropriate documentation may be requested for absences due to extenuating circumstances or any absence listed under excused absences (Policy JD) prior to validating that the absence is an excused absence.

Academic Support

Middle school and high school can be a difficult time for many students. Students often struggle with grades, bullying, and peer pressure. Resources available to you at school include the counselor, school nurse, school resource officer, teachers, principal and assistant principals.