Types of Offenses (back to top)

A Felony is the most serious offense with punishment of one year imprisonment or longer, a fine and or another penalty such as Community Service. Examples of felony offenses include Murder, Armed Robbery, Rape, Drug Trafficking, Auto Theft and Shop Lifting.

Misdemeanor is less serious than a felony with punishment of up to 12 months imprisonment, fine, and/or other penalty such as community service. Examples include driving under the influence, criminal trespass, physical violence or threat of violence and shop lifting.

Violations may require fines or other penalties, but are not punishable by imprisonment. Failure to pay a fine or appear in court may result in jail time. Examples of other violations include traffic violations, playing the car stereos too loud and littering the roadways.

Think Before You Act!!
A Felony Conviction Could
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Juvenile Court (back to top)

Juvenile Courts in Georgia were established for the protection, supervision, treatment and rehabilitation of children in need. Children “in need” are those who have been found to be “delinquent”, “unruly” or “deprived”.

A delinquent child is one who has committed an act which, if committed by an adult, would be considered a crime. An unruly child is one who commits an act which is not unlawful for an adult, but which is unlawful for those under the age of 17. Examples include running away, truancy, and habitual disobedience. A deprived child is one who does not have a parent, guardian, or custodian; one who is abandoned; or who is not receiving proper care of physical, mental, emotional health or morals.

Superior Court (back to top)

Superior Courts in Georgia have exclusive jurisdiction over juveniles ages 13-16 who are alleged to have committed any of the following offenses:

• Murder

• Voluntary manslaughter

• Rape

• Aggravated sodomy

• Aggravated child molestation

• Aggravated sexual battery

• Armed robbery with a firearm

This means juveniles who are charged with the above offenses will be tried, and if convicted, sentenced as adults.

Rights of a Minor (back to top)

If a minor gets in trouble with the law, he or she has the right to seek legal help from a private lawyer; if not, the court will appoint a lawyer.

Pranks (back to top)

Prank: Using firecrackers to “blow up” mailboxes
Charge: Malicious destruction of property

Prank: Rolling a house with toilet paper
Charge: Trespassing or prowling

Prank: Accessing any computer system, program or data,
           causing damage/loss of data

Charge: Theft

Prank: Making obscene, harassing or prank telephone calls
Charge: Harassment